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We held our 5th annual Apple Brandy release in November 2017 at Yahara Bay Distillers in Fitchburg, Wisconsin. This year we released our first-ever 750ml bottle of our 2-year aged Apple Brandy.  We also have available our popular 375ml bottle of 2-year bourbon barrel-aged Apple Brandy from our 2014 crop and our 375ml 3-year brandy barrel-aged Apple Brandy from our 2013 crop, each with optional gift boxes.

You can purchase all three of our Apple Brandies at Yahara Bay Distillers. Yahara Bay Distillers can also ship purchases of our Apple Brandy to most states, making it easy to give local, fine quality, organically based Apple Brandy as gifts.

You can order bottles and gift boxes (375ml bottles only), using the Reserve Now button above.   

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Please ask for our Apple Brandy at restaurants and retailers you visit.  Retailers in WI and IL can often special order it.

The Cider Farm produces America’s only apple brandy made with certified organic, true cider apples. Our apples yield an apple brandy similar to that of the Calvados region of France.  Our true cider apples are tannic apple varieties cultivated for hundreds of years for the making of brandy and ciders.

Each of our small batch, single barrel releases are unique for several reasons. There is the vintage effect of each year’s weather.  The selection of apples used varies as trees come into production, trees mature, and each year’s weather varies. Then each barrel used for aging can vary.  Each barrel includes wild apple wood from our Farm to add to our brandy’s uniqueness.

This year’s 2-yr aged release is from our 2015 harvest.  Our 2015 crop enjoyed a warm and wet June and July followed by dry conditions into harvest — ideal for developing the apple’s full flavor, sugar and tannins.  More of our tannic apple varieties came into production as well.  Then it was aged with wild apple wood from The Cider Farm in a charred oak Bourbon barrel previously used to age Bourbon for three years. It has a beautiful, deep amber color from the barrel, is very smooth on the palate, and finishes with a slightly smoky touch of molasses.

Our 2-year aged Apple Brandy from our 2014 crop that enjoyed good growing conditions was aged for two years with our wild apple wood in a charred oak barrel that held a four-year bourbon. The barrel char yielded a pleasing golden color.  It has a nose of baked apple with a slight initial sweetness that finishes with a touch of smokiness and underscore of molasses.

We aged our 3-year release from our 2013 apple crop in the brandy barrel from our first release (in 2013) along with our wild apple wood. Since we had a very light crop in 2012, the trees produced their largest crop yet in 2013. They yielded three barrels of Apple Brandy!  This double-wood treatment and longer maturation imparted a golden color and light toast typical of a Calvados-style apple brandy. It increased the brandy’s complexity while letting the apple shine through. The brandy finishes with notes of burnt sugar and vanilla.

We strive to make our small batch releases reflect our rare ingredients as well as the organically managed ‘terroir’ of The Cider Farm.

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Thank you for your interest in our organic orchard.

   –Deirdre and John

2-YEAR 750ml
3-YEAR 375ml
40% ALC / VOL

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