The Cider Farm is hiring!

Orchard Workers Needed – Full-time and Part-time

About The Cider Farm

  • We are an expanding, organically managed apple orchard growing specialty apples to make The Cider Farm apple brandy and ciders.
  • Over 5000 trees are in the orchard and over 2000 are in the tree nursery. We will expand to at least 20,000 trees within five years.
  • We are reclaiming over 60 ac of timberland from invasive species.
  • We are establishing 35-acres of prairie, windbreaks, and pollinator habitat adjacent to orchard blocks.
  • Our farm hosts research and educational initiatives.


  • Ability to appropriately balance speed and quality of work.
  • Strong verbal communication skills and ability to follow directions, particularly regarding your safety.
  • The work is physical and outdoors. You must be able to frequently lift 30 to 50 lbs.; to bend and squat for work at the tree base; to run weedwackers with brush-cutting blades; to carry and use a tree ladder.
  • Experience in horticultural production is desired, and mechanical skills are highly desired,  Previous orchard work is a plus as is experience managing others. The right person could move into a managerial position.


The work is diverse and changes from week to week, if not day to day. Work includes, but is not limited to:

  • Graft apple and pear trees.
  • Move or erect deer fencing.
  • Dig out and plant trees.
  • Water and stake or trellis trees. Attach trees to stakes or trellising.
  • Prune trees. Apply limb spreaders and other tree training devices.
  • Apply or remove tree guards.
  • Weeding – Hand weed and operate a weedwacker cautiously around trees or electric fencing.
  • Assist with prairie burns. Sow cover crop or prairie seed.
  • Apply hay mulch or horse manure.
  • Monitor for disease and insect pests.
  • Spray trees with NOP-approved materials with a backpack sprayer.
  • Harvest apples.
  • Help with, if not manage, apple pressings keeping track of varieties and amounts pressed.
  • Spray garlic mustard in early spring or late fall with herbicide.       Hand-pull garlic mustard at other times.
  • Clean small and large equipment.

Dates and Times of Work

  • February through November, weather permitting. Part-time and full-time workers needed. The most demanding and critical months are April, May, September and October.


  • Starting wage depends on experience and qualifications and ranges from $8 to $15 per hour.
  • Hourly wage can be adjusted pending work performance and length of service.

To Apply

  • Send a cover letter, resume, as well as three employer references by email to