The Cider Farm on Public Television

We haven’t sought this out, but are grateful to be part of two high-quality and highly enjoyable Wisconsin Public Television programs: Wisconsin Life and Around the Farm Table. We love both programs, even if we’ve had to watch ourselves on TV.

Wisconsin Life is so interesting and inspiring. It makes you proud to be a part of this great state. The “Cider Farmers” episode gives background on our venture we named The Cider Farm.

Around-the-Farm-Table-640x360Around the Farm Table visits diverse farms in Wisconsin while centering on a theme. We were part of the Boxing Day theme, an English tradition when servants and tradespeople would receive gifts, known as a Christmas Box, from their employers on December 26th.  The program host, Inga Wistcher, along with her father, Rick Witscher (co-producer) and her husband Joe Mauer (co-producer, photographer and musician) came to learn about our orchard, our emphasis on wild pollinators and organic management, and, of course, to sample and take home some of our Apple Brandy.

Our Great Pyrenees, who protects our orchard from deer, while not letting film crews tell her what to do, managed to saunter through some scenes.