The Cider Farm Cider

At The Cider Farm we decided in 2003 to graft and organically grow true cider apples to produce the best quality ciders and apple brandy. True cider apples have tannins or acids, if not both, like a wine grape has. Tannins give mouthfeel and complexity to the cider like a wine grape does for wine.  Clearly, buying or growing table apples would have been a quicker, simpler path to producing our products, but we are seeking the best ingredients. We make our ciders worth the time invested in them!  We offer cider refreshment with wine complexity!  Read about each of our ciders and where to find them.

Where Can I Find The Cider Farm Cider?

You can now enjoy our ciders in 500 ml bottles and rotating in draft lines in more and more locations in Wisconsin and Illinois.  Join us on Facebook, Instagram, TwitterBeerMenus, Untappd and join our mailing list to learn where and when to find them as well as in-store tastings and event samplings.


BeerMenus App

Locate our cider on the beermenus appYou can locate our ciders on tap by using the BeerMenus app for iOS and Android devices (or visit from a desktop computer) to follow The Cider Farm.

Locate Our Ciders in Bottles

Locate Our Ciders On Rotation

Greater Madison, WisconsinBrasserie V

Find our Ciders rotating on draft lines in and near Madison, Wisconsin at:

North of Eau Claire, find our Oak-Aged rotating on draft lines at Farm Table Restaurant in Amery, WI.

Find our bottled Ciders in and near Madison, Wisconsin at:

In the Northwoods of Wisconsin, look for the full selection of our bottled ciders available at Snow’s Family Market in Mercer, WI.

Milwaukee and Nearby


Find our Ciders rotating on draft lines near Milwaukee, Wisconsin at:

Find our bottled Ciders near Milwaukee, Wisconsin at:


Find our Ciders available in bottles and rotating on draft lines around Chicagoland at:

If you visit Farmhouse Taverns in Chicago or Evanston, and Farm Bar in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood (West Wellington Ave.), and ask for the Farmhouse Ciders and Cyser, you are drinking ciders we make with and for them exclusively.

About Our Ciders

All apples in our five ciders are certified organic.

  • Our Classic Dry Cider includes a blend of five English cider apples, all known for their tannin profiles. These tannic apples give the cider complexity and mouthfeel unlike any table apple. These apples are Major, Kingston Black, Somerset Redstreak, Chisel Jersey and Dabinett. The base apple is Liberty, a tart apple developed by Cornell University, that gives the cider the acids and sugars needed to blend with the tannins. 6.3% Alcohol by Volume (ABV)
  • Tremlett’s Bitter is and English Cider AppleTremlett’s is a blend of Tremlett’s Bitter– an English cider apple that lives up to its name!– with the tart and aromatic Priscilla apple.  Cider connoisseurs immediately recognize that this is special.  It is also our most limited release. 6% ABV
  • Our Oak-Aged Cider was aged for 2 months in medium-toast American oak and untoasted French oak, with 20% of the cider aged in our Apple Brandy barrel from our 2015 Brandy release. 5.4% ABV
  • Equinox is our hopped cider, named for the Equinox hops we chose to give this cider herbaceous and lightly citrus aromas, that push the cider in the direction of a Sauvignon Blanc. Indeed, cider refreshment with wine complexity! 5.9% ABV
  • Haralson Dry is named after the Haralson apple, a 100-year old Minnesota apple, organically grown by our friends Harry and Jackie Hoch just over the river in La Crescent, Minnesota. The Haralson apple is joined by Honey Gold and Regent apples and added tannins.  5.4% ABV
  • Cyser – We fermented tart apple juice with honey from our farm and neighboring Brown Dog Farm.  Honey requires months to mellow the naturally bitter flavors resulting from its fermentation, and we give it the time it needs.  Our cyser is off-dry and is 8.75% ABV (keg) and 9.2% ABV in bottle.

Ask For It!

Please ask for The Cider Farm ciders when you are in restaurants and fine taverns.  They listen!